One day I'll fly away

Hey im Christine. Im 17 turning 18 in few weeks :) YAYYY! I live in Melbourne AU but i was born and grew up in Philz.

And BTW theres nothing really special with my tumblr. Its just away for me to vent shit that i cant vent on facebook LOL. so if u love my vents follow me :) and ill follow you back..

ASK me anything. I like giving advices even tho i cant give myself one :/ but yea if u wanna kno more about me just feel free to ask me anything id love to answer and talk about it.

if u wanna add me on facebook
Twitter (which i dont really use)!/christinecanfly

Skype lil.taray01 :))

I'm not acting bitchy, It just comes naturally to me.


My Alaskan Malamute “Junior”

My Alaskan Malamute “Junior”

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rsx rollin photoset

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My baby’s brother

My baby’s brother